Teaching Philosophy

Becky Brouwer Piano Studio Philosophy

Music is a beautiful part of our world. In music there is opportunity to connect with something bigger than yourself. To share a gift brings joy to the giver and to the receiver. Learning to play the piano is a way for an individual to create something beautiful that was not there before. This can be a spiritual experience, connecting one with God and with nature. I recognize the tremendous opportunity and responsibility I have in teaching students to develop their potential in developing their gift in music. I take this responsibility very seriously.

I have 3 goals that I strive for when teaching the piano.

  1. Technical Skill: A fine musician has all the technical skills needed to perform a diverse number of pieces from different genres, eras and composers. These skills are developed deliberately through many different avenues, utilizing games on and off the keyboard, including technology; using computers, tablets and smart phones. Traditional work at the piano is a must. I teach sight-reading, technique, theory, transposing, improvising, composing and performance. I believe the whole student’s potential is developed through attention to all of these facets of learning to play the piano. I am not interested in teaching students who do not want to develop all of their abilities. All of my students when trained should be able to sit down and accompany a friend who would like to sing whether their forte is sight reading, or technique or improvising.
  2. Foster a Love of Music: Beautiful music is all around us. I have an eclectic love and appreciation for all music and composers. I want to help foster a love and appreciation for beautiful music in my students. I hope to create an interest and curiosity that will encourage the student to want to learn and ultimately be self-directed to more learning adventures. I work very hard at making lessons fun and interesting. They will not always find practicing fun and exciting. This is a very normal and natural part of learning something new. As a student learns to push through these times of stress and discouragement, they are developing perseverance and grit that will carry into other areas of their life. I will work with each individual student and their parents to find what will motivate them and encourage them including making the music more accessible. I try to inspire my students and avoid frustration. I feel that I am inspiring because I continually am inspired. Through personal development, I am continually learning more about teaching, developing a student and my own playing ability through professionals in the musical field. I pass on this passion for learning to my students.
  3. Become self-directed: As students become self-directed, they will learn to teach themselves. I teach my students how to practice effectively, and where to go for answers to their questions. I make myself very accessible and will send videos and accept phone calls for explanations about things they are working on. Eventually, I hope they will feel confident enough to teach themselves a beautiful piece they’ve heard somewhere and maybe take my job someday and teach others what they have learned.